Erectile Dysfunction

When a man is unable to obtain and maintain an erection enough time to complete the sexual act, he will most probably receive erectile dysfunction as a medical diagnosis. Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a disorder which in some cases can be related with orgasm and/or ejaculation failure. Truth to be told, such a disorder can be overwhelming, especially on psychological level, leading to depression or anxiety. Often, erectile dysfunction is associated with a number of other diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Good news is, following a treatment for erectile dysfunction will help you attain your erection and consummate the sexual act. Once starting the treatment, you will boost your morale and your sexual performance will be back on track

What actually happens when an erection is formed?

The penis is getting bigger due to the expanded corpora cavernosa, which is composed by two tubes located all along the penis. In case of excitation, the blood rushes into it. Corpora cavernosa will expand and your penis will become rigorous, getting you an erection. If, for some reasons, this process fails to complete, the erection will not last long enough to complete the sexual act. 

How do you know if you suffer from erectile dysfunction?

The erection and the blood flow to the penis are closely related. This is why, when suffering from erectile dysfunction, most probably you have a problem with the blood flow to the penis. Behind this issue can be either a physical cause, a psychological one or even a lifestyle cause. Not being able to achieve or maintain an erection once is not something you should be worried about. This only becomes a medical issue when repeating. Or, if it happens more than once in a very short period of time. 

First step when dealing with erectile dysfunction is to determine the origin of the disorder. Only after that you can properly choose the fitting impotence treatment.

The physical causes of erectile dysfunction

Some physical conditions, of which we mention those with the highest incidence, such as diabetes, obesity, deterioration of the arteries, hormonal problems, surgery or injury can lead into erectile dysfunction.

The men diagnosed with cancer of the bladder or those who were subjects of surgical interventions for prostate enlargement can sometimes develop erection problems due to some possible damage to the penis. This can also be the case for cerebral or spinal cord injuries. 


The psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

It is far more likely for young men to experience impotence as a result of psychological causes as they are eager to prove their masculinity. Young men often try too hard to satisfy their sexual partners. A very easy way to find out if behind erectile dysfunction lay psychological causes is to check the morning erection. If a man wakes up with one, most probably the causes for his impotence are psychological. There are many psychological causes which can generate erectile dysfunctions, such as exhaustion or problems regarding the relationship. Not being able figuring out the sexual orientation is another psychological cause. Or, feelings of guilt, stress, anxiety or depression can lead to this medical condition. 

Lifestyle causes of erectile dysfunction

Not having a healthy life style can deteriorate sexual performances. Smoking, some medications, alcohol or drug abuse affect directly the ability of having an erection. Since there is a close relationship between the blood flow to the penis and the erection, smoking must be avoided if possible, as it is known the fact it affects the veins and the arteries by minimizing their blood flow. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by some medications. For instance medications needed to cure the prostate cancer or those for the treatment of high blood pressure, the antidepressants or the antihistamines. 

Your erection ability is at risk when consuming alcohol or drugs. Not only you can experience premature ejaculation or even the loss of sexual desire, but you can also be the subject for long-term impotence. 

Another lifestyle factor for erectile dysfunction is cycling on regular basis. Sometimes the blood flow to the penis can be influenced due to this activity, which can affect your sexual performance. 

What are the symptoms of impotence?

Most men realize they have an erectile dysfunction when they aren`t able anymore to sustain their erection during one sexual intercourse. As we mention before one isolate episode doesn`t mean anything. However, if this scenario repeats itself, most probably you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. If this happens overnight, the causes for the erectile dysfunction are likely to be of psychological nature. If this happens in time, with a progressive deterioration, then the causes are rather physical than   psychological. Also, if you`re not having problems obtaining an erection when masturbating, or if you wake up with one, psychological issues are behind this medical condition. 

Not being able to achieve climax or ejaculate are also symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 

What do I do?

Erectile dysfunction is treatable.
The common practice for this medical condition is the prescription of medication. Oral medication in particular, since they are more reliable than erection inducer devices or creams and less risky than surgical interventions. 

Doctors around the world approach this medical condition with oral medications, because the effect is seen within 30 minutes and last up to four hours. 

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Adam Miller – pharmacist


Adam Miller – pharmacist