Condyline is the very first treatment approved in case of genital warts. Its active ingredient attacks the nucleus of the wart cells, preventing them to multiply. When using Condyline the healing process has a high incidence. This solution has high success rate, being very reliable in case of genital warts. Very similar to Warticon, it is also known as Condylox. You can buy Condyline from our online pharmacy, available in a 0.5% 3.5ml liquid solution. Results can be seen within the first three days of the treatment. 


Adam Miller – pharmacist


Adam Miller – pharmacist

What is Condyline?

Developed from the roots of the Indian podophyllum plant, Condyline is an approved treatment for genital warts. It is a very effective drug, and safe if applied correctly. Keep in mind to protect your healthy skin. Apply Condyline only on your genital warts. After complting our online consultation you can buy Condyline from euroClinix.

What are the benefits of Condyline?

The main benefit is the eventual disappearance of the genital warts. More to this, the effect can be seen within three days, meaning it has a high and rapid effectiveness.
Genital warts will completely disappear within four weeks of treatment with Condyline.

How does Condyline work?

Condyline must be applied directly on the genital warts. Its active ingredient will attack the nucleus of the wart cell, which is responsible for cell production and division. This will lead to the inactivity of the wart cell`s nucleus, and few days later to the disappearance of the genital warts. 


Who can use Condyline?

If you are an adult or elder and you have been diagnosed with genital wart, Condyline is the proper treatment for you. Keep in mind to use Condyline only on the genital warts locates externally on the penis or vagina. Condyline can`t be used inside the genital or urinary tract under no circumstance. 

To whom can`t be prescribed Condyline?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should avoid Condyline. Also, if you are allergic to its active ingredient, which is podophyllotoxin, this therapy is not recommended it. It is not a safe drug to use on children. 

How do you use Condyline?

Condyline must be applied twice a day on genital warts, using the applicator included in the package. After that all you have to do is let it dry. Applications of Condyline are to be performed twice a day for three consecutive days. This treatment can be repeated every week for more than five consecutive weeks. Avoid any contact with healthy skin. 

What are the side effects of Condyline?

Local adverse effects usually occur with optimal therapeutic effect in the second and third days of treatment. It starts wart necrosis. In general, these adverse effects are mild and consist of redness with less pain and / or ulceration of epithelial surface of the treated area. Pain during Condyline’s application is expected. Edema balanopostita has also been reported in some patients. These local effects diminish after several days of topical anti-inflammatory therapy. 

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