Bacterial Vaginitis

Bacterial vaginitis is a medical condition every woman will have to face at some point in her life. This disease is triggered by an imbalance of vaginal flora, specifically when flora, which is normally dominated by lacto bacillus, is replaced by an abundant and very complex flora of vagina bacteria. Gardnerella Vaginalis is responsible for the bacterial vaginitis. 

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted virus which affect only women so it`s more likely to get this virus if you`re sexual active. Left untreated can lead to uterus infections. 

The treatment for bacterial vaginitis is available at our on line pharmacy. After carefully complete the online consultation and if the doctor will diagnose you with this virus, you can order from us Metronidazole. This drug is available in 400mg and its administrations is twice a day. If you are prescribed a 2000mg dosage, then you will have to take five tablets in one day. 

What are the causes for bacterial vaginitis?

The causes for bacterial vaginitis are diverse. The infection can be triggered due to an early start of your sexual life or can be a result of multiple sexual partners. Using an intrauterine device or a diaphragm can also lead to this disease. Bacterial vaginitis is sometimes influenced by hormonal changes. It is most likely to get infected around menstruation. This virus affects up to 23% of pregnant women. Chemical compounds in some cosmetics use for the intimal hygiene can harm the flora equilibrium of your vagina. Also, keep in mind to avoid synthetic underwear or excessive hygiene. 

What are the bacterial vaginitis symptoms?

The most common symptoms consist of homogeneous, abundant secretions. These secretions have an unpleasant odor and a white to gray color. Some women can experience yellow secretions. As for the odor, this can be similar to the smell of fish, quite unpleasant and generally more pronounced after sexual intercourse. Some women also accused a burning sensation, itching and even pain during the sexual act. From case to case these symptoms may be more or less aggressive. Although, bacterial vaginitis directly affects your comfort, many women have no symptoms for long period of times. This infection can be acquired without feeling any discomfort at all. 

What happens if not treated?

When diagnosed early, bacterial vaginitis can be easily treated. With this infection you can sometimes experience painful intercourse and unpleasing sexual intercourse due to the bad odor. As for the pregnant women, they may face serious problems such as miscarriage, premature birth or a pelvic infection after birth. 


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