Many skin conditions can be treated with Aldara cream, genital warts included. This topica cream will precisely attack the HPV, which is responsible for causing the genital warts.  It has an external use. The correct way to apply Aldara cream is three times a week. After using Aldara you will regain the comfort of having a healthy skin. Side effects are reduced to minimum, since this is a cream with external application. 


Adam Miller – pharmacist


Adam Miller – pharmacist

What is Aldara cream?

There are three medical conditions a doctor has in mind when prescribing Aldara cream. In case of genital warts located around the genitals or around the anus. Another medical condition regards a common slow-growing form of skin cancer, meaning superficial bass cell carcinoma. This medical condition affects mostly adults and elders and if properly applied it`s unlikely to spread to other parts of the body, other than its first location. It is caused by too much sun exposure and if left untreated can expand leading even to disfiguration. An early diagnose is preferable. The third medical condition regards actinic keratosis. People with a history of sun exposure for longs periods of time are likely to develop this disease. 

What benefits can I expect when buying Aldara cream?

Proven to be an effective treatment of the genital warts, the main benefit is the disappearance of the genital warts. At the same time, any other external symptom will disappear within 16 weeks. Easy to use, with an appliance of three time a week.  

How does Aldara wart cream work?

As we mentioned before, the HPV, which is responsible for the genital warts can`t be cured. But this medical condition can be kept under control with minimum trouble. Aldara cream has as active ingredient imiquimod. This active substance is a reliable help of your immune system, since stimulates your natural defense, by taking the immune cells into the area where genital warts are located. Also, imiquimod had the ability to stimulate the natural chemicals known as cytokines, which will prevent genital warts to multiply. As a result to all this, genital warts will disappear. 


Who can use Aldara?

If you have been diagnosed with genital warts you can use this reliable treatment. Keep in mind this is a treatment for external use only. So, in case genital warts are also located inside your genital or urinary system, please consult your medical adviser. For the external treatment of the genital warts you can safely use Aldara. It is available for buying at euroClinix. All you have to do is complete our short online consultation, ordering Aldara cream from our online pharmacy and you will be provided with your treatment in a very timely manner.

To whom can`t be prescribed Aldara?

If you are allergic to the active ingredient of the Aldara cream. Imiquimod, then you can`t use it as a treatment. Also, if you recently have been the subject of an organ transplant please wait for some time before considering Aldara cream as your treatment for genital warts. If you have a week immune system, this treatment may not work for you. If you have been diagnosed with inflammatory skin condition or you are uncircumcised and you have genital warts located under your foreskin, Aldara may not be the right treatment for you. 

How do you use Aldara cream?

Once applied, the cream must stay on genital warts for 6 up to 10 water. After this period of time you will have to wash it away with mild soap and water. Also, wash your hand before and after application. This is the reason why, the best time for applying Aldara cream is before you go to sleep. In order to treat genital warts, Aldara cream must be used three times a week. If you have irritated cream do not apply Aldara. And you shouldn`t use it for more than 16 weeks. This is enough time for genital warts to disappear and you to get better. 

What are the side effects of Aldara cream?

Some side effects may occur, such as mild skin irritation, stuffy nose, flu-like symptoms, sneezing, sore throat, headaches, back ache, nausea, muscle pain and diarrhea. If this symptoms refuse to go away, it is advisable to contact your medical provider in order to find an alternative to the Alvara cream. 

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